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DocsintheCity @ 1 Ander Festival

At 1 Ander Festival we got the opportunity to show documentaries in a container. A container that we turned in to a small cinema for the occasion. From 2 till 10 pm people could choose from eleven short documentaries shown below. After the screening we invited them to tell about what they had seen and we asked them to write down a reaction for the film maker.

Some of the documentaries are available to watch online:

  • Andreea Dumitriu – When Time Loses Patience (2Doc)
  • Mea Dols de Jong – De geschiedenis van het vrouwelijk schaamhaar (Youtube)
  • Ruud Lenssen – Kathem en Chris (Vimeo)
  • Sofie van Herwaarden – De wereld aan je voeten (Youtube)
  • Tina Hsu – Muizenberg Mini Festival (Youtube)
  • Wilma Rekkers – Onze lieve vrouwe abdij (Vimeo)

Docs in onze Container Cinema