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Ana Salas at Phoenix Cultuur

By | In the Studio, News

We don’t usually tell about the days after… In most cases we try to organize some visits for the documentary makers that are our guests. We thought it would be nice to tell about the places we have been on October 10th.

The day after the screening of In the Studio at the City Theater, we visited different places together with Ana Salas. First of all we went to see the work of Geert Maas, who was very enthousiastic about the film of Ana and the work of Carlos Salas. After a warm welcome he showed Ana around in “de Groene Kantoortuin”, a place that breaths creativity and sustainability.

With Phoenix Cultuur participating in this particular screening, we were also invited to get a tour at the Noordkade. Myriam Simons took us through all studios, introducing us to groups busy with pottery, sculpturing, forging and painting. Finally we picked up Gertjan van Rozendaal, from GEK, to join us for a lunch in the forests of Oisterwijk and a visit of museum de Pont in Tilburg. A place that could actually host works of Carlos Salas in the future…

1 Ander Festival 2017

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At 1 Ander Festival we got the opportunity to show documentaries in a container. A container that we turned in to a small cinema for the occasion. From 2 till 10 pm people could chose from eleven short documentaries shown below. After the screening we invited them to tell about what they had seen and we asked them to write down a reaction for the film maker.

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A visit to Paris

By | Fragments of Love, News

When we agreed on showing Fragments of Love at DocsintheCity, we also agreed to visit Estelle Fromentin in Paris. On the last Tuesday of May we visited the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, we had coffee at La Caféothèque de Paris and enjoyed a beer on a terrace in the Rue des Barres. Talking with Estelle about Fragments of Love, about what could be her next project and about an evening in Schijndel in September…

Paaspop 2017

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Troughout the last couple of years we have visited several documentary and film festivals. More importantly, we have used our time to speak to documentary film makers. DocsintheCity is an initiative to bring people together and start a conversation around documentaries. Accordingly we are looking for the stories of the film makers and their commitment to bring it to a public.

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Op 30 maart 2017 hebben we een vrijwilligersavond georganiseerd, bij Casa Del Arte, voor de mensen die ons helpen en nog een paar mensen die we er die avond graag bij wilden hebben. We hebben de afgelopen twee jaar doorgenomen en daarna de documentaire “Play no matter what” van Kim van Haaster gekeken. Supertof dat Kim er zelf ook was. Met een pilsje in de hand hebben we gezellig nagepraat.

Street Art in Schijndel

By | News, Pixadores

After showing the inspiring documentary Pixadores, one of Schijndel City Council’s executives jumped enthusiastically on stage and suggested the new, controversial and extremely white bicycling tunnel could very well use a layer of artistic graffiti that would transform this boring tunnel into one big work of art.

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A movie that matters

By | A Haunting History, News

One of the most special documentary evenings we have ever experienced was the Dutch premiere of A Haunting History at the Movies that Matter festival in The Hague. Let’s hope to repeat the magic of that evening in Schijndel in September.

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Favela Funk at IFFR

By | Inside the Mind of Favela Funk, News

At our first visit to the International Film Festival Rotterdam we attended the world premiere of Inside the mind of Favela Funk. We met Elise Roodenburg and Fleur Beemster at IDFA 2015 and together we have been looking for a possibility to screen their documentary. October 2016 it will be.

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Thanks for a great start

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There’s only so little you can do alone. Why would you? Together is definitely more fun, more interesting and more grateful to do. Here’s a page to those to whom our thanks go out. They all helped making DocsintheCity reality. If you want to read the page properly, imagine “thank you” before each name…

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