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   Giving a stage to filmmakers

  Asking attention for the subject

  Creating a suitable atmosphere

   Encouraging social interaction

   Sharing the feedback

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DocsintheCity is an initiative to bring people together around documentaries. We focus on starting conversations. We invite directors, guest speakers and local guests for interviews and Q&A’s and we put a lot of effort in the afterparty with music that fits the atmosphere. To get our public involved in one-on-one conversations. Getting social back to life… away from the media.

It’s nice to see and hear personal stories brought to you from all over world. It’s great to be able to share them afterwards. That’s why it means a lot to me that we were able to do screenings of international documentaries in our own City Theater in Schijndel. I appreciated the reactions we’ve got after the first screenings.

Mark van de Laarschot

For both films and books my preference goes out to non-fiction. Furthermore I like to share good books and films, to talk about it and share opinions and understanding. That’s what we wanted to try in a bigger setting. But it had to be our setting. The setting of Schijndel. From there, let’s see where it brings us.

Willem Wouters

Cinema Delicatessen

Cinema Delicatessen is a distributor of documentaries for the Dutch cinema market. Films that are chosen for distribution represent the best in the market and their focus on high artistic value and quality production means the films they distribute are always met with both audience and critical acclaim.

The look of silence

The Look of Silence



The gate keepers

The Gatekeepers

Winter Nomads

Winter Nomads

5 Broken Cameras

5 Broken Cameras

The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing

Our website in English

English works in different ways for us. We are internationally orientated when it comes to the contact with documentary film makers. Importing their films usually comes with English subtitles. Having them as guest will lead to an interview and Q&A in English.

So having our website in English makes it accessible for international film makers. On the other side we prevent disappointment for visitors who are frightened off by the English on our website, for they would have problems with subtitles and the interview.

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About DocsintheCity

About the organization and history of DocsintheCity. How and when we got started, the structure of our foundation and who’s involved.

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Since we became a foundation and decided to organize more activities and for an even wider public, we also rely on funds to do so.

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Custom made events

We’ve got several questions on organizing DocsintheCity as a custom made event for a business meeting or as part of a public festival.

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