Goal of DocsintheCity

DocsintheCity is an initiative to bring people together around documentaries. We focus on starting conversations. We invite directors, guest speakers and local guests for interviews and Q&A’s and we put a lot of effort in the afterparty with music that fits the atmosphere. To get our public involved in one-on-one conversations. Getting social back to life… away from the media.


   Chairman: Willem Wouters

   Treasurer: Mark van de Laarschot

   Secretary: Chris Seijkens


   Barbara Vlugman

   Bas Wouters

   Guido van Schijndel

   Wilma van Dinther

   Miranda Kerkhof

   Marleen Bijnen

   Thijn de Groot

Getting documentaries to Schijndel

Preparing for a feel good market in May 2015, we helped initiate, we spent some time on what we were supposed to sell on the market. Us being Mark van de Laarschot and Willem Wouters. In daily life we both run our own businesses, in our spare time we don’t stop running.


One of our shared interests is to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days each year for IDFA, the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. What we like the most about IDFA is we can completely lose ourselves in the experience. Days of watching documentaries, drinking coffee, visiting musea, getting something to eat, watching even more documentaries and having a beer. A big added value to the experience is the fact that directors are often present at the screenings. To tell their story and fill in the A’s at the Q&A’s.

Some of these special moments you can see on the pictures.

Sharing documentaries

From this shared interest we came up with the idea to sell documentaries at the market. DVD’s of a selection of documentaries we saw together, that we thought to be worth sharing. It turned out to be quite hard to get our hands on these DVD’s. At least at the short notice we are used to getting things done.


Another option was to screen a documentary at our local cinema to bring the experience of IDFA to Schijndel. An interesting foreign documentary, getting the director to visit or inviting a guest worth the interview. Well, how do you pick just one? Let’s arrange three nights we said and make a selection. We used the feel good market to see how people felt about the idea. That’s where the enthusiasm started to spread…

It turned out only to be the start of something new…

…at an extended Q&A to Pixadores on IDFA 2014 in Tuschinsky…

…the main characters from the Unplaceables speak out…

…a big discussion on the financial crisis after “Inside the Federal Reserve”…