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Stories from Africa

We were very impressed by the stories from Ilse van Velzen. Together with her twin sister Femke she spent more than twelve years in different countries in Africa. Telling compelling stories through their documentaries. The topics aren’t the most popular, but they feel someone should tell about it. Ilse and Femke reach out to local communities by bringing back their films as educational tools to lift people out of inequality and violence.

Ilse & Femke van Velzen

Talking about the industry

Having Harrod as company on different network meetings was the best we could have wanted. Elaborately talking about documentary making, introducing us to lots of people, telling his stories about the work of his father, sharing his concerns about the documentary industry. We eagerly await his Burning Man documentary to come out.

Moving images

Andrea told us in the most enthusiastic way about his work in documentaries. Looking for images that speak for themselves. Making documentaries where moving images create the idea of a dynamic painting you can look at for hours. We very much hope this wasn’t the last time we’ve met. There’s still a lot to be told about films and beer.

Sex in the City

Living in the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro, Elise and Fleur felt the urge to tell about the machismo they experienced and saw in everday life. Not an easy story to tell. We were struck by their strong personalities and the way they told us about the subject. A nice dinner at which we have discussed being new in the industry, distribution opportunities and possibilities for us to screen Inside the mind of Favela Funk.

Elise Roodenburg & Fleur Beemster

Doing the research

Jan-Willem told us all about a new project he is working on. Already having done a lot of research on the chosen subject, this was the time for finding people and companies interested to screen and invest. We were amazed by the amount of work that must be done before you can do anything. Paradoxal as it seems to be. We have much respect for the effort Jan-Willem puts into it.

Closer to Mars

In what must have been the shortest talk we had on IDFA, Annelie told us more about her short documentary Mars Closer. About two men who made the pick of 700 people to take a one-way trip to the red planet. We’ll certainly pick up contact with Annelie after IDFA, because the interest quickly grew from both sides. With nice people meetings don’t have to take long…

Annelie Boros

Aids is a problem

After several tries to arrange a meeting, we coincidentally sat down opposite to each other at a social meeting and recognized faces from the guest list. The start of a engaging talk about Passeurs, the latest film Pamela made. Today, more than thirty years after the beginning of the epidemic, it is possible to look at the cultural and social history of AIDS. And to its future. It predicts to be a quite alarming future.

Pamela Varela

As time went by

Our first meeting in Amsterdam was one with the producer of the last screening of DocsintheCity before IDFA. We shared the experience of our event to the pleasure of Helge. He gave us some first insights in the funding of documentaries, the travelling to festivals, screening committees and the fact that there’s no money to be made in documentaries. That was the part we found out by ourselves already…

Dinner Talk

This definitely was the best time we had on IDFA. After getting acquainted at Café de Jaren at the Guest meet Guests, we went to a nice little restaurant Anthony knew. There we celebrated the birthday of Marjan Luif and had conversations about documentaries and marriages. We had quite a laugh and quite some wine before we headed to the party in the Melkweg after the Award Ceremonies.

Dinner with guests