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DocsintheCity @ Paaspop

Troughout the last couple of years we have visited several documentary and film festivals. More importantly, we have used our time to speak to documentary film makers. DocsintheCity is an initiative to bring people together and start a conversation around documentaries. Accordingly we are looking for the stories of the film makers and their commitment to bring it to a public.

We like the idea of exploring new forms. New forms of getting documentary film makers together, new forms of finding a public for documentaries, new forms of starting conversations about documentaries and their stories. At Paaspop we have found a great place to do so. A festival with eleven stages, more than 175 acts, twenty thousand visitors a day, ten thousand people on the campsite. Bringing a program of mainstream, rock, metal, hiphop, dance and theater is a perfect place to get together.

Fatboy Cinema & Babbels in beeld

Together with Kim van Haaster we invited twelve documentary film makers to Paaspop. Beside showing their films in the Fatboy Cinema at the Paaspop Camping site, we had a brainstorm session about documentary films on festivals and festivals on documentary films. The visual report below of the four hours we spent together was created live by Babbels in beeld. To be continued…

Fatboy Cinema, Paaspop Camping Site