Another News Story

Another News Story takes a fresh view of the European refugee crisis. The film opens in 2015 Greece as refugees arrive on the idyllic island of Lesbos and follows refugees into Hungary and Croatia and across Europe to a hoped-for sanctuary. The film chronicles a journey beset by physical deprivation and danger, bureaucratic and political obstacles and thousands of miles of uncertainty. As the refugees wind their way across Europe they are accompanied by a pack of fellow travellers – reporters, camera-operators, producers and news vans. As he too travels alongside the refugees debut British director, Orban Wallace, turns the camera in a new direction: the world’s 24-hour news gatherers in pursuit of the breaking story.

   Duration: 84 minutes

   Spoken language: English

   Subtitles: Dutch

   Director: Orban Wallace

   Country: England

   Year: 2017

Orban Wallace

Orban is CEO and creative director of Gallivant Film. Orban has directed a number of award winning short films and documentaries. He started Gallivant Film threeyears ago, and has directed and produced music videos and branded content for a number or returning artists and clients. Another News Story is Orban’s first feature documentary.

May 24th 2017


entrance from 19:30

80 seats at tables