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Fragments of Love

Argentina. A musician who raises goats, an experimental filmmaker, a ceramist, and a businessman tell us about a love story, sharing their philosophy of love. Carried by images of their worlds marked by the diversity of the Argentine territory, we embark with them on an introspective journey, a poetic wandering.

For this film, Estelle decided to explore relationships in reaction to the questions she asked herself and those she heard from others around her. She wanted to work on the choices we make and the importance we give to personal matters in our lives. While we may pretend that love is a minor topic, it can come up in just about any conversation. She decided to go and meet people from very different walks of life and bring them together in a film, almost in a single voice: a rational lover; a passionate lover; a traditional couple who finally become open late in life; a man who revels in affairs… The one in the many and the many in the one. Sometimes the most specific can be the most universal, and her attempt here is that we may question, and perhaps delve into ourselves, accompanied by images that move between the deeply personal and the more broadly metaphorical.

The intended approach is poetic, but not romantic. A certain level of beauty is maintained throughout, but the poetry in Fragments of Love also digs into the darkness of feelings. It speaks, of course, of love but also about loss and death.

Estelle decided to film in Argentina, not from any ethnographic desire, but striving for timelessness and universality. Argentina’s culture is close to European culture, but at the same time, being in a country she did not know would give her an unfiltered outlook on her surroundings and the people she would meet. The varied and evocative landscapes in which she kept finding herself are probably also contributing to support the introspective journey on which she endeavored to take the viewer.

   Duration: 40 minutes

   Spoken language: Spanish

   Subtitles: English

   Director: Estelle Fromentin

   Country: France

   Year: 2016

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Estelle Fromentin

Fragments of love is Estelle Fromentin’s first film. In 2007, a project about New Orleans jazz musicians immersed Estelle in the documentary medium. She went on to study film at the University of New Orleans, while working on various productions, including assisting documentary filmmakers Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit. She spent a year in Argentina developing and filming Fragments of Love. She currently lives and works in Paris.

Magic Malik

The music of the film was thought in collaboration with versatile French flutist and composer Magic Malik. We worked together on choosing tunes from his discography, which brings both variety and unity to the film’s soundtrack. One tune has a very special connection to Argentina, as it comes from Alti Plano, a disk born from the encounter of the Magic Malik Orchestra with renowned Argentine charango player Jaime Torres and percussionist Minino Garay.

Bart Mutsaers

Bart Mutsaers is a practical philosopher in his own words, we like to call him a stand up philosopher. With his company Vragend Wijs he organizes socratic dialogues and philosophical sessions in bars. With the film being a bit shorter than feature length, we thought it would be a great idea to spend the extra time doing the Q&A in a socratic style... We thank Bart for accepting the invitation!

September 12th 2017


entrance from 19:30

90 armchairs


110 seats at tables


A visit to Paris

By | Fragments of Love, News

When we agreed on showing Fragments of Love at DocsintheCity, we also agreed to visit Estelle Fromentin in Paris. On the last Tuesday of May we visited the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, we had coffee at La Caféothèque de Paris and enjoyed a beer on a terrace in the Rue des Barres. Talking with Estelle about Fragments of Love, about what could be her next project and about an evening in Schijndel in September…