Four young men, all from the slums of São Paulo, have one mission in life. Without any safety gear, they scale tall buildings to spray-paint their names and slogans criticizing society. They climb as high as they can, always clad in black. Hence, the film is mainly in black-and-white, with the occasional striking color accent.

A dynamic, hand-held camera follows the boys in their daily lives, at work, on the street, at home in the favela or at night during their climbs or their raids for copper. When they are invited to the Berlin Biennale, a memorable culture clash ensues, as it appears that the curator fails to understand what lies at the heart of pixaçao, or Brazilian graffiti. Are these men artists, anarchists or criminals?

On the soundtrack we hear barking dogs, sirens, speeding trains or helicopters, underlining the tension in the lives of the often-hunted pixadores. The film tells the story of these four friends – Djan, William, Ricardo and Biscoito – who risk their lives to leave their mark on the world. It’s a story about train surfing, fighting for freedom, realizing dreams, Nietzsche and goodness.

   Duration: 93 minutes

   Spoken language: Portugese

   Subtitles: English

   Director: Amir Escandari

   Country: Finland

   Year: 2014

Jette Vonk

Host at the evening of Pixadores.

Dave van den Berg

Graffiti artist from Eindhoven. Organiser of Step in the Arena, an international street art event in Eindhoven, which is held each year.

Jan de Natris

Jan de Natris is a street artist from Eindhoven who was a guest at DocsintheCity to talk about Pixadores.


I was invited to participate at an evening about street art. A short clip of RIP: A Remix Manifesto, whereafter the amazing documentary Pixadores (about a group of graffity criminals/ artists from Sao Paulo) was shown. After this an interesting group talk was held about the thin line between crime and art. This was also exactly the reason I was there as a mashup artist (where does criminality fades into an artform) and the audience could see and hear the similarity between the two forms of creativity: the bending of the common rules and the use of other peoples properties as a base to make new creative work. VERY nice evening!

October 21st 2015

entrance from 19:30

90 armchairs


60 seats at tables


Foto’s door Harry Kikstra (exposedplanet.com)