Solving My Mother

Raitis (32), a gifted mathematician, assumes a psychological dependency from his mother, Sylvia. Unlucky with the opposite sex, he blames his parents for creating him emotionally unfit for life. His brother Maris, who left the family early, is prospering in academic and personal life. Raitis remains desperate and unhappy. He approaches a shady psychoanalist and files a report with police, accusing his mother of emotional blackmail, while his true desire is love and revenge. Sylvia prefers portraying herself as a victim, who’s sacrificed her life for her children.

At IDFA 2017 Ieva Ozolina won the IDFA Special Jury Award for Best First Appearance for Solving My Mother.

   Duration: 104 minutes

   Spoken language: Latvian

   Subtitles: English

   Director: Ieva Ozolina

   Country: Latvia

   Year: 2017

September 18th 2018
City Theater in Schijndel



September 19th 2018
Noordkade in Veghel