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Pixadores – the sequel?

So what happens after showing a documentary and getting people together, excited and involved?

After showing the inspiring documentary Pixadores, one of Schijndel City Council’s executives jumped enthusiastically on stage and suggested the new, controversial and extremely white bicycling tunnel could very well use a layer of artistic graffiti that would transform this boring tunnel into one big work of art.

Sure, why not? But lo and behold, a few months after showing the documentary, a ‘how-to-graffiti-the-white-tunnel’-evening was organised by the City Council. Invited were residents, tunnel users and all other parties concerned. After a very informative presentation by Dave van de Berg, all people present could share their ideas regarding form, colour, subject and matter with representatives from Dynamo, a graffiti art collective from Eindhoven. With notes of this brainstorming session the Dynamo people will come up with a design that will hopefully suit all. And if it doesn’t, it will at least stir up conversation. Which in our opinion might be just as important.

To round up this exciting meeting, all present could give the art of graffiti a spray themselves. Yes, only the youth took their spray, but this was only because the grown-ups were too grown-up to cut in line. And to cut things short: based on this meeting, a new art form that would complement Schijndel’s wide array of traditional arts such as statues and paintings is a very welcome scenario.